“Chef puppet” campaign manager Trump 2020

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WASHINGTON – Brad Parscale is the intended leader of the campaign for the re-election of president Donald Trump in 2020. That has a insider said Tuesday at CNN.

Brad Parscale was director of digital media and did a lot with online advertising. “A puppet show”, found Trump that initially.

The decision to open more than a year after his move into the White House, to develop plans for a second term comes remarkably early. In november elections for Congress. Then it is determined whether the Republicans their majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate to keep.

The 42-year-old Parscale, a partner of Trumps son-in-law Jared Kushner, is since 2011 in the service of The Trump Organization as websiteontwerper and strategist. During the campaign of 2016, he worked as director of digital media and rose in the hierarchy thanks to more initiatives in the field of internet advertising. Trump thought that was actually a “puppet show” but turned after his victory.


The Drudge Report, a website of the influential conservative Matt Drudge, reported Tuesday with the roll of drums “exclusive” that Trump the ambition has still four years to stay in power. “That bold step, he puts 980 days before election day, a historical record. Obama announced the 582 days in advance.”

That Trump is out on re-election, he let himself soon after his inauguration and lost. In June 2017-confirmed White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders that intention. “Of course, he is a candidate for re-election.”

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