Catalan separatists prepare replacement Puigdemont for

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The separatist Catalan parties are close to an agreement to a different candidate than Carles Puigdemont to propose for the Catalan withdrawal. There is thought to Jordi Sanchez, leader of the independence movement.

The list of Puigdemont, Catalan leader from January 2016 until his dismissal by Madrid at the end of October last year, was (again) as a winner emerged in the early regional elections of 21 december last year. But at Puigdemont is a warrant of arrest will be issued. Puigdemont wanted ‘from the outside’ his office back, but the Spanish constitutional court a stick to put into it.

Since the end of January to try the three onafhankelijkheidsgezinde parties which have a majority in the Catalan parliament, so to find a solution. Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC), the second largest party, did not want to start again the Spanish court to defy and wants to be a ‘symbolic’ president for Puigdemont.

In addition, there is according to spokesman Carles Campuzano of PdeCat, the party of Puigdemont, an ‘imminent’ agreement to the 53-year-old Jordi Sanchez, number two of PdeCa, as Puigdemonts replacement indicate. Sanchez is the head of the Catalan National Assembly, ANC, the most powerful of the onafhankelijkheidsgezinde associations, but the man is already since mid-October in pre-trial detention.

To ingezworen to be, Sanchez is still the admission of Pablo Llarena, the judge of the supreme court is charged with the investigation of the Catalan question. Llarena, however, has already dwarsgelegen. So, he refused ever to release ex-vice-president of Catalonia Oriol Junqueras to parlementszittingen to attend .

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