Carnavalhit for Yves Segers

a42da3ed482cb98a4742d267df6230ac - Carnavalhit for Yves Segers

Carnival without Yves Segers is like a café without beer… The singer released a few weeks ago, a brand new carnavalsingle, “the Great Figure”, which it very well did on all the carnival parades, which this year are already underway. But it was the Carnival of choice for Yves as a born Hallenaar is, of course, the carnival of Halle and that is this year from 10 to 12 march. And just because Yves his roots maintains a high he made specifically for and with the carnavalgroep ‘The Men Of The’ Halle their new stoetlied.

‘Zemme Weile In The Windj’ is a oorwurm of format in which we Yves even 1 time in his dialect to hear you sing. The number contains all the necessary elements for a great carnavalhit… and we expect that he high eyes will throw. The song is available as a digital download or via streaming. Alaaf!!!!!

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