Box in The Cockpit is full with Willem II’ers

The supporters of Willem II are flocking to the semi-finals of the KNVB cup against Feyenoord.

FC Utrecht on the 31st of march on a visit in Tilburg.

Where the box in The Cockpit with 1200 supporters Wednesday jam-packed, there is the private royal wing (with the fanatic fans behind the goal) for the competitieduel with FC Utrecht on the 31st of march as possible, terrifyingly empty.

The KNVB punishes the Tilburg club to rise to irregularities in the duel with NAC Breda at home on december 7. This means that the subjects A, B, C against FC Utrecht must be empty.

The seizoenkaart-holders in that subjects may not get cards for places elsewhere in the stadium. The club has also imposed a ne received of 7500 euro.

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