’Bollywoodlegende Kapoor is murdered”

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A politician of one of the two major political parties in India, has doubts as to the reading of the death of Bollywoodlegende Sridevi Kapoor. That writes the Daily Mail.

Sridevi Kapoor

Subramanian Swamy, a leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party, is wondering how it can be that Kapoor, who according to him never drink used, still with alcoholsporen in her system was found. The investigation by the police was Tuesday ended, but according to Swamy, there are questions remained unanswered. According to him, the actress killed.

“She never drank strong drink, so how is that in her body? She Was forced to take it? What happened with the security cameras? We have never a word heard about it,” he said in the Times of India “If you take my opinion, ask, I will say that I think that it is a murder.” According to him, there are links between the actress and a criminal from the underworld.

Sunday, it was announced that the actress had died of a heart attack, but the autopsy report shows that she drowned. That has ensured that the police do a ’ re-examination’, and on Monday the Kapoors husband, Bollywoodproducer Boney Kapoor and the staff of the hotel has been answered. After the hearings, the case was Tuesday, however, is still closed and the body was released to the family. The funeral of the 54-year-old is Wednesday in Mumbai. Her body is under the guidance of her husband and stepson teruggevlogen to India.

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