Body parts Japanese woman spread found a tourist arrested

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The police in the Japanese Osaka during the last days in different places in the city of human remains found in bags. That appear to originate from a 27-year-old Japanese woman via a dating app, had agreed with an American tourist. The man is arrested.

The woman was coming from Sanda, and learned through a popular dating app that Japanese and foreigners in contact with each other, the 26-year-old Yevgeny Vasilievitsj Bairaktar from New York know. For him, she travelled to Osaka, but on February 15, she vanished.

The police put a search on legs and that led to Bayraktar. The two were on February 16, yet seen together in an apartment building in Osaka , and then on camera to see how the American several times with pockets inside and outside walk. In one of the apartments met the detectives as traces of blood, and there was a large amount of air freshener used.

The just around Bayraktar joined final when last Saturday, in a case the head of the woman was. A day later were in several places other bags found with body parts in. In Osaka, the police discovered the woman’s torso, and 600 metres further on her arms. In Kyoto were in the wooded area of her legs encountered.

It is not yet clear what the cause of death. According to the police exhibit the parts of the body no apparent injuries.

Bayraktar is arrested as the prime suspect in the case. He would have multiple women via the app, have invited in the apartment since he in January in Japan, came to live. The other women are all safe, according to Japanese media.

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