Belgium and Great Britain hitting hands together in fight against transmigration

83ec242084371f7a304476487a38530a - Belgium and Great Britain hitting hands together in fight against transmigration

Belgium and Great Britain to cooperate in the fight against transmigration. That his minister of the Interior Jan Jambon and the state secretary for Asylum and Migration Theo Francken Monday during a visit to London, agreed with the British binnenlandminister Amber Rudd. There is an information and ontradingscampagne that the stories of smugglers must disprove.

Many non-European migrants try to cost what it costs in the United Kingdom to touch. Belgium is a transit country. During their maintenance came Jambon, Francken and Rudd agreed to create a targeted ontradingscampagne on its feet, which are explicitly focused on the transitmigranten itself. It is the intention of the stories of smugglers to disprove.

“They make immigrants, for example, point to the British for them not to return to the first European country they set foot on land. But, of course, do it. There is no tolerance policy in the UK’, says Jambon there Tuesday in The Latest News. According to Francken bringing home the country tens of thousands of people per year to their homeland, ” he writes on Twitter.

Also will the bilateral information exchange will be improved. Information about smuggling routes, asylum procedure, or a new modus operandi of smugglers is not always shared, because between the two countries, no structural exchange of information is, say Jambon and Francken. “Therefore, there is a” Single Point of Contact’ (SPOC), to provide information on transitmigratie to share. A central point of information.’

They make themselves strong that even after the brexit ‘up’ will be a collaboration in the field of security. “The safety should not be compromised.’ With the neighbouring countries will be looking at how quickly further consultation can be committed with the British.

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