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Belgian Tornados and Eline Berings defend the Belgian honour at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS indoor, Nafi Thiam is missing

80035d89e27a5c163f1ebdf057913a2f - Belgian Tornados and Eline Berings defend the Belgian honour at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS indoor, Nafi Thiam is missing

Eline Berings and the Belgian Tornados (Dylan Borlée, Kevin Borlée, Jonathan Borlée, Michaël Rossaert and Jonathan Sacoor) working from 1 to 4 march in the Uk, Birmingham, the world CHAMPIONSHIPS indooratletiek. Berings bites for the Belgians on Friday to 19u05 the ball rolling in the series of the 60 meter hurdles. The day after to 13u31 follow the series of the 4×400 metres for men.

The Belgian Tornados for the third time part in the world CHAMPIONSHIPS indoor. In 2010 conquered Jonathan and Kevin Borlée, Antoine Gillet and Cédric Van Branteghem in Doha, the silver medal. Two years ago, had Jonathan, Kevin, Dylan Borlée and Robin Vanderbemden are satisfied with the sixth and last place in the finals in Portland. Since 2008, missed the Belgian Tornados no final of a big tournament (Olympic Games, world CHAMPIONSHIPS, european CHAMPIONSHIPS) in which they participated. The Belgian Tornados start on the Channel with the aim to re-to place for the final showdown.

In Birmingham will be in addition to the three Borlées Michaël Rossaert and Jonathan Sacoor make their appearance. The 22-year-old Rossaert was of the party at the World Relays 2017, where the Belgians second in the B-final (tenth in total). The 18-year-old Sacoor was last year during the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in London all on the substitute bench.

Eline Berings could as the only individual place

Eline Berings is the only Belgian athlete who could be placed for an individual race, the 60 meter hurdles. She won her ticket in January in Ghent, with a time of 8.12. Two weeks afterwards klokte them, again in the East Flemish capital, 8.05, her best timing this season. With 8.05, she has the tenth European and the 31st of global time in the hands.

The 31-year-old Berings begins her fifth world CHAMPIONSHIPS indoor. In 2012, in Istanbul, reached the final, where they are fifth. In Valencia (2008), Doha (2010) and Sopot (2014) affected by the semi-finals. In 2016, she could not go to Portland travel due to a severe injury that her also of the Olympic Games in Rio held. Berings ran in 2009 in Turin to the European indoortitel.

Olympic and world champion Nafi Thiam will not be in action

Nafi Thiam is in England, the great absentee. The 23-year-old Belgian would prefer to focus on the preparation at the EC outdoor in Berlin, where she is an unlikely hattrick to score. After her olympic and world title aims Thiam, after all, on European success.

Belgian athletes sprokkelden in the past eight medals at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS indoor: one gold (Tia Hellebaut, in 2008, on the pentathlon), four silver and three bronze. Thomas Of the Variation, good for a bronze medal in the zevenkamp in 2014, is the last fellow countryman who stood at the podium.

Program world CHAMPIONSHIPS indoor in Birmingham from 1 to 4 march:

Thursday 1 march:

19h45 long Jump men Final

19h45 long Jump women Final

21u15 3,000 m women Final

Friday 2 march:

11: 00 am Son of men – 60m Test 1 7

11u18 Pentathlon women 60m hurdles Trial 1 5

11u35 60m women Series

11u40 Zevenkamp men – long jump Trial 2 7

12u20 400m men Series

12u55 Pentathlon women high jump Trial 2 5

13h00 son of men – shot put Trial 3 7

13u10 400m women’s Series

13u50 3,000 m men Series

14h15 Pentathlon women – shot put Trial 3 at 5am

19: 00 Pentathlon women long Jump Test 4 5

19u05 60m hurdles women Series (Eline Berings)

19u50 60m women Semi-finals

20u13 800m men Series

20u35 long Jump men Final

20h45 Zevenkamp men – long jump Trial 4 on 7

20u48 1,500 m women Series

21u10 shot put women Final

21u17 Pentathlon women – 800m Trial 5 on 5

21u32 400m women Semi-finals

22u06 400m men Semi-finals

22u38 60m women Final

Saturday 3 march:

11: 00 am son men 60 m hurdles Trial 5 7

11.15 60m men Series

12: 00 Triple jump women Final

12u05 son of men – pole vault Trial 6 7

12.15 1,500 m men Series

12h45 shot put men’s Final

12: 50pm 800m women Series

13u31 4x400m relay men Series (Belgian Tornados – Dylan Borlée, Jonathan Borlée, Kevin Borlée, Michaël Rossaert, Jonathan Sacoor)

14u05 4x400m relay women Series

19: 00 pole vault women Final

19u05 60m hurdles women Semi-finals (possibly Eline Berings)

19h30 60m hurdles men Series

20u08 Hop-step-jump men-Final

20u11 60m men Semi-finals

20u35 800m men Final

20u50 Son of men – 1,000 m Trial 7 on 7

21u05 400m women-Final

21u20 400m men Final

21u39 1,500 m women Final

21u55 60m hurdles women Final (possibly Eline Berings?)

22u09 60m men’s Final

Sunday 4 march:

16: 00 pole vault men Final

16u05 60m hurdles men Semi-finals

16u27 long Jump women Final

16u35 3,000 meters, men Final

16u58 800m women Final

17u12 1,500 m men’s Final

17: 30 pm 4x400m relay women Final

18: 00 60m hurdles men Final

18u25 4x400m relay men Final (possibly Belgian Tornados – Dylan Borlée, Jonathan Borlée, Kevin Borlée, Michaël Rossaert, Jonathan Sacoor) .


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