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Belgian team is European record relay marathon to

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A Belgian team with Isaac Kimeli and Jeroen D’hoedt falls on 17 march, at the Sfinx Ekiden in Ghent, the European record in the relay marathon. That made their trainer Tim Moriau Tuesday announced at a press conference at the Ghent town Hall, in the presence of the alderman Mathias De Clercq and Resul Tapmaz.

Ghent wants to profile itself as the loopstad of Flanders, and the Sfinx Ekiden help. The ekiden is a marathon split into pieces of 5, 10, 5, 10, and 7,195 km. The greatest version in the world every year in October in Brussels, but Ghent has around the Watersportbaan his ekiden. Do athletes from the Olympic Running Team from Halle on march 17, under the heading ‘Team Belgium’ an attack on the European record in the Netherlands, since 1994, 2u03:12.

The belgian record is certainly achievable

The Belgian team consists of Isaac Kimeli, Simon Debognies, Robin Hendrix, Thomas De Bock, Philip Cortvriendt and Jeroen D’hoedt. The athletes of the Olympic Running Team began in October under the Belgian record and klokten 2u06:23, but did not under the name ‘Team Belgium’ and the course was not approved. No official Belgian record.

“The BR will not be a problem, since we had already walked on a much heavier track,” says coach Moriau. “The European record is of course another story. We are completely alone and no one will be really fresh at the start by the heavy training efforts for the coming summer season. The wind will also play its part. I see it as a tussendoel in the direction of the summer season. We now have all the guns in our team, we should benefit from it.”


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