Barbra Streisand had dog cloning

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Miss Violet and Miss Scarlett, two of Barbra Streisands dogs, are clones of a previously deceased dog of the singer.

That revealed Streisand (75) in an interview with Variety. Of her dog, Samantha, who in 2017 died, at the time were cells decreased. These are used to make clones of her two younger dogs, which Streisand at the end of december.

“They have different personalities,” says the actress and singer, known of Yentl and Funny Girl. “I’ll wait until they get older, so that I can discover whether they have the brown eyes and serious personality of Samantha to take over.” (When dogs are young, they have often blue eyes, red.)

When the dogs for Streisand arrived, did the singer them red and lavender clothing, so that the animals could keep. There were the names of Miss Violet (a paarstint) and Miss Scarlett (scarlet, a roodtint). Streisand got a third dog, named Miss Fanny. This animal is not a clone of Samantha, but the family.

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