A friend of Heather Locklear arrested

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A few hours after the arrest of Heather Locklear for domestic violence, is also her friend Chris Heisser arrested. He was caught driving under the influence.

According to Entertainment Tonight saw agents Sunday night, a car in a remarkably slow pace, driving on a highway in California, Thousand Oaks. When she is the driver standing kept, showed he’s drunk behavior. A breath test revealed that the former motorcycle racer is indeed more than the permitted amount of alcohol was drunk.

Earlier in the evening would be the brother of Heather her at her home have to fight with Chris, her friend injured. The brother called the police. When cops tried to the actress, she began to kick and save. She was in cuffs beaten and for control to the hospital. The Melrose Place star has a short time in the cell, sat down, and then released on bail.

Locklear has in the past often had to deal with domestic violence. In 2011, she clashed with her former best friend, Jack Wagner, and the police had the two apart. Also struggled to the actress with an alcohol and medicijnverslaving and showed them various times to include in afkickklinieken.

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