Winter weather causes trouble in Europe

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WARSAW – Not only in the Netherlands we have to contend with winter temperatures. The freezing temperatures in large parts of Europe for the inconvenience.

These ladies defy the freezing temperatures in France.

In Poland since Friday, eight people froze to death by the freezing cold, to report to the Polish authorities. In the weekend dropped the temperatures in large parts of Poland to – 20 degrees Celsius. In total there are in the country, 48 of people by the cold died since last november.

Nuisance on Greek roads

In the north of Greece the snowfall for nuisance on roads. According to the Greek staatsradio are many roads only with snow chains to reach. On Sunday night there were numerous flights to the Greek Thessaloniki cancelled. While in the south of the country lenteachtige temperatures are measured.

In the north of Greece the snowfall for the inconvenience.

Heavy snowfall in Rome

Italy, too, is struggling with winter weather. Daily life in Rome is paralysed by a snow layer of 5 to 10 inches, which fell in the night from Sunday to Monday. The schools are closed so that all children are clear of snow and also the Coliseum is closed because of the snow. Public transport and airport Fiumicino suffer severely affected by the winter weather.

The board of directors of the city all of the inhabitants called to stay inside. Soldiers have been deployed to the streets clear of snow. Or the schools and the Coliseum tomorrow dichtblijven, is not yet known.

Italy, too, is struggling with winter weather. In Rome is the heaviest snowfall in six years measured.

Meanwhile, to entertain the tourists and inhabitants of Rome itself, with the snow. It is a unique chance to have your picture taken with snow-capped historic buildings in Rome, or to the snow to play. The Dutch journalist Mustafa Marghadi posted a video on Twitter in which priests in St. peter’s square, have a snowball fight.

Parts of Germany and France also have to deal with icy temperatures and snowfall, report local media. This is ensured by the weather are not known for violent disturbance.

In the United Kingdom prepare the authorities for the wintry weather. There are, according to local media weather warnings issued for large parts of the country and is the army ready to help in case of an emergency.

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