Willem II gets a settlement proposal after riots during thuisduel with NAC

The KNVB has Willem II Monday a settlement proposal made on the occasion of the riots in the game against NAC Breda (1-1) in december last year.

The proposal consists of a fine of 7500 euros and the play of a thuisduel without the public in the boxes where the fanatic supporters of the club.

This means that these boxes remain empty in the confrontation in his own home with FC Utrecht on Saturday 31 march. Cardholders in which subjects are not covered elsewhere in the stadium to sit.

William II says on his official website with a solid bales of the situation and as soon as possible to respond to the decision of the national football.

“Of course it is very annoying that all the seizoenkaarthouders of the royal wing the dupe of persons who are at the match against NAC have not borne. We go to this proposal, as well as the possibility to appeal, internal discussion,” said general director Berry van Gool.

Willem II has to Thursday 12.00 to the proposal whether or not to accept.

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