Vodafone combats epidemics with mobile data

61f14d32098f4a189edd8ad1bf79dfc6 - Vodafone combats epidemics with mobile data

BARCELONA – Vodafone is using mobile data to epidemics to combat and prevent. That made the charity of the telephone company, Monday known. The intent is to have a repeat of the ebola outbreak in West Africa in 2014 prevent.

By of anonymized data for real-time tracking via cell tower, can be seen where many people are, how far they travel and where they travel during an outbreak. On the basis of which decisions can be taken on transport, health and agriculture for further infections to occur.

The initiative of the Vodafone Foundation has “the potential to have thousands of lives to save” according to the director, external affairs of Vodafone, Joakim Reiter. The telephone company will begin later this year with the project.

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