UN chief: stop ’hell on earth’ in Eastern Ghouta

3ff61cfbbe34a129c35016301eda4599 - UN chief: stop ’hell on earth’ in Eastern Ghouta

GENEVA – The secretary-general of the United Nations, the warring parties in Syria called for a ceasefire to be observed. “Eastern Ghouta can’t wait. It is high time that an end to this hell on earth,” said António Guterres at the UN human rights Council.

The UN security council took on Saturday of a resolution for a cease-fire of thirty days in Syria. It would be Sunday again, bombs have fallen on Eastern Ghouta, where, according to the UN still hundreds of thousands of people live. Guterres said that the UN agencies are ready for the wounded to evacuate from the area around Damascus.

The past week fell by heavy shelling and bombardments, hundreds dead in Eastern Ghouta. Government forces lay siege to that rebellenenclave for years. The rebels in Eastern Ghouta would, in their turn, the capital Damascus and struck.

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