Ukraine takes major cybercriminal in

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KIEV – In Ukraine, is a major cybercriminal arrested. Gennady Kapkanov was Sunday arrested in Kiev, reported the Ukrainian police Monday. He would be the Avalanche network have led.

Avalanche had hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide are taken over. Which were used for DDoS attacks. If many systems at the same time to a specific site are to be sent, succumbs under the pressure and the site is unreachable.

Also tried Avalanche usernames and passwords for online banking and get your hands on. Also wanted to be the creators of computers, and lock gijzelsoftware. The damage of Avalanche was probably hundreds of millions of euros.

Hundreds of servers shut down

The network in 2016 out of the air achieved. Hundreds of servers were shut down and hundreds of thousands of domain names were blocked. It was one of the largest actions against cybercrime ever. In total were thirty countries involved in the operation, including the Netherlands, Belgium and the United States, but also countries such as Belize and Moldova. The investigation into the group lasted for four years.

Kapkanov was also arrested, but he was released and disappeared with the thin air.

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