UEFA president Ceferin wants videoscheidsrechter not use in CL

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UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has Monday hinted that there will be no videoscheidsrechters be deployed at matches in the Champions League.

“We will be video-assistants in the coming season not to be used in the Champions League. We are not, by definition, against the means, but I see over and over again is still too much confusion”, says the Slovenian during the annual congress of the European football association in Bratislava.

However, keep Ceferin note that the international spelregelcommissie IFAB coming Saturday, the video-arbitrator officially adds to the rules of the game, although football associations and clubs is still plenty of debate raging on the agent.

FIFA-president Infantino differs of opinion with the UEFA and wants of the introduction of video arbitration.

In the Netherlands for some years by way of trial uses of the videoscheids at games in the KNVB-cup. Both matches in the semi-finals next Wednesday are also viewed by a videoscheidsrechter.


Ceferin wants the imbalance in the European club football fight. He announced measures to the dominance of a group of four elite clubs to tackle, but the football associations must, according to him, not expect miracles.

“We need more balance in the competitions and I consider that as one of the biggest challenges, but I fear that clubs like Steaua Bucharest or Red Star Belgrade is not likely their name will be engraved in the goblet of the Champions League,” said Ceferin.

The Champions League the last few years, the domain of a handful of wealthy clubs, mainly from England, Spain, France and Germany. The clubs in small leagues such as the Eredivisie, count it hardly.

“We have to dare our models to change to have more balance between the leagues, but UEFA is not a bank. I’m also not a dealer in dreams.”

The Romanian Steaua Bucharest – the predecessor of FCSB – (1986) and the Serbian Red Star (1991) won as Eastern European clubs at the end of the last century, the Europe Cup I.

Prize money

The UEFA made Monday finally announced that the prize money for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS 2020 371 million euros. That is 70 million more than in the last european CHAMPIONSHIP in 2016 in France.

The next european CHAMPIONSHIP will be spread across twelve host countries including the Netherlands. The winner of the tournament may 34 million euro on the account credit. Each of the 24 participating countries will get a startpremie of 9.25 million euros, over a million more than in 2016.

The UEFA has over the past year, a loss of 6.7 million euro. The sales rose to a new record of 2,38 billion euro.

It is expected that this in the season 2018/2019 rises to 3.9 billion. This increase is in accordance with the bond caused by the introduction of the Nations League and the new format of the Champions League.

UEFA treasurer Josef Koller reported that the bond the loss from its own resources completes. On the savings account of the federation state 626 million euros.

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