Tuesday draws Topdokters to Brasschaat

072b6e62605204584292dd45f0abc24c - Tuesday draws Topdokters to Brasschaat

Doctor Robert Hes working as a Dutch neurosurgeon at AZ Klina in Brasschaat. He specializes in back and neck, and often the only hope for many rugpatiënten.

In this episode, he operates on a woman with scoliosis, a severe curvature of the rugwervel making this in a sort of S bend. But the operation has not proceeded as he had hoped. Dr. Hes need a plan B think. In the meantime, is also 8 weeks old pleegbaby in the hospital for tests. In addition to the five children in their newly composed family, dr. Hes and his wife moved in as a foster parent, where they pleegbaby’s absorbing, often from birth to foster care to be delivered.

In UZ Gent should prof. T’Sjoen together with an extensive team decide who is in the transgendertraject can start. The trajectory of a transvrouw already a few months hormones administered, is not as they had hoped.

The UZ Brussels prof. De Waele not only doctor on intensive care, but also clinical nutritioniste. She is concerned with the nutritional policy for patients in the hospital. A woman who does not darmstelstel more has come check on her. Because they the food they eat not digesting it, she becomes socially isolated.
The combination of work and private is for each topdokter a challenge. To find the proper balance for each doctor are different, we notice in the homemade holiday and family videos.

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