Trump: ‘Would be murderer if necessary, with bare hands to tackle’

b8c0f343d99ac0db503c09f79312df1d - Trump: ‘Would be murderer if necessary, with bare hands to tackle’

The American president Donald Trump has severe criticism on the armed agent who was present on the campus in Florida where Nikolas Cruz, 17 people shot down.

To say that would make Donald Trump the killer‘, if necessary with the fists to the body are gone.

His hyperbolic statement during a meeting Monday in the White House with governors of several länder was mainly intended to once again be the policeman to schofferen that the school had to monitor, but only during the fatal shooting inside the building.

Be very sure of his heroic deed was Trump: ‘You don’t know until you really have, but I think -I really believe – that I would have walked even though I was not armed.’

“And most (politicians) in this room would have just done the same,” he added. The president was very critical for the various agents in the vicinity of the school: ‘I made this weekend different agents in the work seen. That were not given the best of the class (‘medal of honor winners”, according to Trump). The way they responded was truly awful.’

The governors gave thanks for the honour but shots, however, Trumps a proposal to teachers to arm.

Scott Peterson, the former ‘school resource officer’ of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, meanwhile, has resigned. Or the man is an accusation above the head, is not yet clear.

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