’Trump wants every drug dealer in US executions’

b6c7fcc92fde01b7d6e766a315abaf1a - ’Trump wants every drug dealer in US executions’

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump would reportedly with some “business partners” talked about his desire to ’every drug dealer in the USA to execute. This is reported in Axios.

According to the report of the site he would with five sources have spoken. The president would find that the soft approach of the drug problem ’is never going to work’ and is looking with great interest to the approach of Singapore. There, mark you as a drug your own death sentence.

One of the anonymous sources has to Axios told that Trump ’regularly jokes about the executions of drug traffickers’. “In China and in the Philippines they have no drug problem. There you have, after all, the death penalty,” Trump said.


The president has personally admitted that it is virtually impossible to make a law that a mandatory death sentence for drug dealers in the US requires, according to the report of Axios. According to the sources, he would regularly drug dealers compare with serial killers. He wants them to make clear that they should fear for their lives.

Kellyanne Conway, a counselor of Trump, responded to the report and argued that the president only focuses on drug dealers with a large range and, especially, those who have the opioid fentanyl.

“The president makes a distinction between those who are languishing in the jail for low-threshold drug offences and the kingpins that thousands of deadly doses of fentanyl to the community, who are responsible for many of the victims”, she responded, according to Axios.

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