’Truce only if everyone agrees to’

00ccb299baced6ee68e39e32c227610a - ’Truce only if everyone agrees to’

MOSCOW – The Russian Foreign minister Sergei Lavrov says that the cease-fire in Syria becomes effective only if all parties agree on the terms and conditions. According to Lavrov, is that now is not yet the case.

The minister accuses other countries of trying to undermine the treaty, by Syria to accuse of the use of chemical weapons, while according to him the militants in Eastern Ghouta that use. In addition, he says that the by the United States-led coalition, the ceasefire break by bombing raids.

A spokesman for the Kremlin says the situation in Eastern Ghouta “very alarming.” “The situation is extremely tense because the terrorists continue to fight and civilians hostage,” said the spokesman.

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