TOPradio get at Council of State

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Topradio gets his battle. HIT FM disappears from the ether. The Council Of State suspended the recognition of the new radio station, because HIT FM is not completely honest in his licentiedossier. Know that The Morning. The events are not good news for mediaminister Sven Gatz, which the new radioplan launched. That Topradio so bitten, in this case, is normal. The handle just in addition to a license, for the benefit of HIT FM. The Council of State gives Topradio now, after a spoedzitting, equal. According to the Council was the so-called partnership with Flair, which are mentioned in the dossier, one of the factors why HIT FM the coveted license-recognition. Because of this partnership, however, all “did not exist” at the time that the erkenningsvraag submitted, “based the assessment on a factual error pattern”, it sounds.

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