‘Time that this hell on earth ends’

58639927ce83cf1e454e2a5c46398786 - ‘Time that this hell on earth ends’

UN secretary-general, Antonio Guterres calls on the warring parties in Syria to thirty days of a cease-fire to be observed. That, in accordance with the resolution that the UN Security council Saturday approved.

UN aid agencies are ready to provide assistance to the rebellenenclave Eastern Ghouta near Damascus. They also want to seriously injured people evacuate.

In the besieged enclave lives up to 400,000 people in dire circumstances. ‘Eastern Ghouta can’t wait, it is high time that this hell on earth to stop, ” says Guterres.

The UN resolution calls for a file of thirty days in ‘the whole of Syria’, and ‘without delay’, but does not determine when that cease-fire exactly from power. For the time being, that hasn’t happened yet.

Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, the UN-mensenrechtenchef, says that the air strikes on Eastern Ghouta Monday morning just continued.

Two previous UN resolutions to ‘unhindered’ humanitarian aid to be delivered, were largely ignored by the regime.

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