The Young tackles record with FC Utrecht

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It seemed like a sensitive sting for the ambitions of FC Utrecht, when Ajax just before the turn of the year succestrainer Erik ten Hag wegplukte from the Galgenwaard. But now at FC Utrecht no-one about the Hag and his successor Jean-Paul de Jong carried on hands.

FC Utrecht coach Jean-Paul de Jong.

The utrecht residents are performing well and are by a 3-1 victory at FC Twente moved up to fourth place. It gave The Young a real record. As the first trainer in the almost 48-year history of FC Utrecht is The Young boy in the first eight matches played, with his team undefeated, remained. Something what illustrious predecessors such as Bert Jacobs, Han Berger, Nol de Ruiter, Foeke Booy, Willem van Hanegem and so also At the Hag does not succeed.

It is ironic, that it was the trainer that a false start had, because a part of the cast of actors doubts over his appointment, the history starts with such a record. The internal criticism is quickly stilled.

The current state of affairs at FC Utrecht is somewhat reminiscent of the situation in the great Ajax of the early seventies, when the dominant and rigid Rinus Michels with much success, it was followed by the somewhat looser Stefan Kovacs. “We are under Jean-Paul a lot freer in what we can do in the field,” acknowledges Sean Klaiber, the maker of the important equalizer just before half-time. “Erik was a great trainer, but with him, we were kind of programmed. Now we play about the same, but we have more freedom in the game.”

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