The Village: Mies was invaluable

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Health care provider Siza, administrator of the residential community, The Village at Arnhem, stunned, on the death of Mies Bouwman. ,,With great sadness we have learned of the death of Mies Bouwman. She gave her voice to so many who at that time were hardly ever heard. Mies Bouwman went along with the doctor Arie Klapwijk priority to ensure that people with disabilities in The Village of their own lives could lead. Her contribution to The Village, and Siza was and is of inestimable value.”

Mies Bouwman together with Philippe Pozzo di Borgo, the disabled author of the book Intouchables during the 50 year anniversary of The Village. In The Village, a green area on the outskirts of Arnhem, there are people living with a disability independent, in the middle of the society.

,,They showed all that time, over fifty years, much interest for the development of residents and The Village. In addition, she was a strong supporter of ongoing innovation in healthcare. In 2016, gave Mies Bouwman proudly present the starting point for the establishment of the Academy, The Village, the technological innovation centre for long term care. They regarded this as an important next step.”

Rob’, president of the Board of Directors Siza: ,,We have Mies know as a fine man. You always knew what you had. For many residents and employees was and is a beacon. Everyone with us will miss her very much.”

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