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The red Devils can record win in european CHAMPIONSHIPS

c2bc47449f87ef0d6e7c6fee7539c972 - The red Devils can record win in european CHAMPIONSHIPS

The prize money for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS 2020 amounts to 371 million euros, a record. That the European Football association (UEFA) announced Monday at a conference in the Slovakian Bratislava. The European champion can count on a record amount of 34 million euros.

At the european CHAMPIONSHIPS 2016 in France were the countries still 301 million euros among themselves divide. At the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in two years, that in the twelve countries is played, each of the 24 participating teams a startpremie of 9.25 million euros, which is 1.25 million more in comparison with 2016.

He also made the UEFA announced that in the financial year 2016-2017 6.7 million euro has suffered a loss. The European Football body, has about 626 million euro to reserves. The revenue increased by six percent to 2,38 billion euro. In 2018-19 will be that, thanks to the introduction of the Nations League and the new format of the Champions League is expected to increase to 3.9 billion euros, announced treasurer David Gill.

The UEFA had the conference in Bratislava no ears to the request of Jersey to become a member of the UEFA. The largest of the channel islands off the French coast of Normandy, hoped the 56th member of the European Football association.


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