The fuss is about follow-up Dutch EU-ceo

b2539858e2ba2dd04a0b64b5960864d0 - The fuss is about follow-up Dutch EU-ceo

BRUSSELS – The monitoring of the highest Dutch official in Brussels, Alexander Italianer, caused great commotion. The 61-year-old secretary-general of the European Commission last week announced an unexpected retirement, which commission president Jean-Claude Juncker immediately his chief of cabinet Martin Selmayr as the secretary-general appointed.

The Greens in the European Parliament now require an investigation into the events surrounding the appointment of Selmayr per 1 march. The German was, according to a spokesman of the commission in mid-February was appointed deputy secretary-general, a position to which he has applied. Due to the sudden departure of Italianer he was in it to the highest position sequenced. ,,That place should not remain empty.”

The spokesman Monday was almost an hour from the international press on the tooth felt about the way Selmayr, the job has gotten. According to him, all the rules are followed.

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