The cold is as yet no obstacle to continue bekerduels

a1851514d0df5e30990da028e3ed4c70 - The cold is as yet no obstacle to continue bekerduels

The KNVB does not assume that the cold and low wind chill to set a barrier to the continue Wednesday of the two semi-finals in the KNVB cup.

AZ receives Wednesday at 18: 30 FC Twente, while Feyenoord in the own Cockpit to 20.45 hours to win against Willem II. The winners meet Sunday 22 april in Rotterdam.

A spokesman of the league reported that the competitions are provisionally continue. Certainly for the players, there is no fear that the cold hazard will result, but may possibly be for the supporters. “That sit on the stand virtually still, and even with them we also take account in this cold,” said the spokesman.

The KNVB has weather bureau MeteoGroup enabled for the forecast for Wednesday night. “The outlook seems to be the wind chill is not below the min 15 to go. But we keep the next few days contact with MeteoGroup,” says bond.

For the KNVB is a wind chill of minus 15, the border to the continue of a competition to rethink. If the wind-chill including diving, will the league review the situation. This is done in consultation with the clubs.

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