Taiwanese people hoarding massive toilet paper

f56c0dc89a7d6e4f1606d5056ff9fe74 - Taiwanese people hoarding massive toilet paper

TAIWAN – the Taiwanese people have over the weekend massively toilet paper stocked up because they fear a rise in prices. At Sunday were the shelves with toilet paper in many supermarkets empty, report local media.

According to producers rise the price of toilet paper from the middle of march with 10 to 30 percent. That is because the raw material for toilet paper has become more expensive. The announcement led to a rush on supermarkets. Consumers were also afraid that the stocks will quickly become. The government calls on people to mostly quiet to stay and says that there is still enough toilet paper.

A pack of twelve rolls cost in Taiwan now converted 5,50 euro. After the price increase, is this around 7,20 euro. Supermarkets have indicated that they the price not for mid-march increase.

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