SIX is a week long in the sign of the OSCARS

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SIX carries the best American films of paramount importance and is also completely ready for the filmmoment of the year. On Sunday, march 4, it is again and the state Hollywood was in an uproar for the award of the most prestigious film awards: the OSCARS®. From 26 February to 4 march, SIX of which are spotlights on the Academy Awards, and is there every day, a film that has an OSCAR® in the guard managed to drag broadcast. Think o.a. to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, the visceral The Departed and the haunting classic, Rain Man. On Wednesday, march 7, sends SIX of the major highlights of the award ceremony.

Later this spring, takes SIX still with the brand new series MacGyver. The remake reveals a new look at the classic series in which the young MacGyver is central. When he is recruited by a secret organization, he must have his unique problem solving skills committed to disastrous disasters to prevent. Duct tape to the rescue! What else is on the schedule? The third (and now final) season of the topserie Zoo and new episodes of Supernatural and Smallville.

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