Singer Brace finds herself a ‘sexy teddy bear’

aa8b769ac9f6d65f7666be54576412da - Singer Brace finds herself a 'sexy teddy bear'

Brace has changed his life and is planning many pounds to fall off. The singer does thought not, however, because he finds that he does not look right. “If I look in the mirror, I’m really pleased with what I see: an attractive sexy teddy bear where women go to look.”

The singer (31) got on social media a lot of criticism after his participation in Expedition Robinson. People thought that the Brace was heavy and something had to go do to its weight. And he had no problems when he himself saw.

“Absolutely not. I had absolutely no problems with it. I have myself always a nice boy, a sexy boy,” said the singer in conversation with The Telegraph.

In the SBS program Fat Fit does the singer still trying to fall off. He discovered during his participation that are hartleeftijd 42 and was terrified of it. “At that time, I have a button converted. I got literally sick of my own behavior. If I had continued, I would soon be a father to that nothing can. I want to be able to play soccer with my son when he is of age.”

The criticism on social media for Brace not of interest. He pulls himself nothing of it. “I always think that people are just jealous. They are probably very unattractive. And I can also laugh about it.”

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