Russians cell to be ” raketfraude’

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CHABAROVSK – Four Russians have been convicted for tampering with the construction of a major new ruimtebasis. A businessman got twelve years in prison, his son should be 5,5 years of prison and a regional politician was sentenced to six years in prison. Another businessman heard a sentence of seven years in Chabarovsk.

Images of the ruimtebasis.

According to Russian media, is about 7.5 billion rubles, the euro to 108 million euro, obscured in the construction of the Vostotsjni Kosmodroom, the missile base. A part of them disappeared into the pockets of contractor Dalspetsstroi. Three members of the senior management of which are now condemned.

Russia launches the majority of rockets from the ruimtebasis Bajkonoer, which in Kazakhstan is situated. At the time of the Soviet Union that was not a problem for Moscow, because it is one country. Kazakhstan is now independent and rents the area to Russia.

Moscow wants to be launches like in their own hands, and therefore in the far east of the country on a new basis is constructed. That cost several billion euros. The complex is still not completely finished, but there are already a couple of missiles launched.

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