Romans enjoy the first snow in six years

In Rome has for the first time in six years snowed. Just as the cold with us, that is due to the polar vortex, which is cold Siberian air to Europe.

There was five to ten inches of snow in Rome. The regional civil protection called on the army on the roads to clear up.

All schools and kindergartens remained closed, as well as the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Palatine hill. Buses and subways reason is less frequent. Also, the air traffic was disrupted. The authorities called upon the population as much as possible to stay at home.

Some Romans are happy that they have snow fun. In the Circus Maximus, for example, bekogelden people each other with snowballs, or covering them with sledging.

Other Italian cities were Monday, with snow-making, especially in the central regions. Sunday, was killed in Turin, the football match Juventus-Atalanta because of the snow.


Elsewhere in Europe, caused the snow to accidents and inconveniences. In some parts of Poland plunged the mercury to minus twenty, while according to the authorities in the weekend at least eight people as a result of the icy weather, succumbed.

In Sweden , there were major delays at the two main airports of Stockholm. In a pile of about twenty vehicles, including a bus, on a highway, there were three people slight injury.

In Germany were Sunday four people injured, one of whom seriously. In the northern city of Lübeck, the police in a few hours time, about a hundred traffic accidents because of the weather. Still in the north of Germany since Sunday night, ten flights cancelled.

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