“Remake of ‘The Beach’ is coming.”

c5d55fed7fafefc54c3a654932a5d364 - "Remake of 'The Beach' is coming."

Do you remember ‘The Beach’? The first novel of Alex Garland was in 2000 filmed with Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead role. The same Garland, now film director, left on Reddit to indicate that there is a remake in the making.

During an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on the social news website, said Garland: “Well, there is currently a very talented person to a possible film adaptation. I look so very forward with what the person on the wads will come.” The original film from 2000, which was directed by Danny Boyle, was certainly a financial success.

Garland made early on in his life, especially a career in the literary world, but in the early 2000, he joined the film. A few days ago, his film version of ‘Annihilation’.

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