Putin demands cease-fire in ‘hell on earth’

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The Russian president vladimir Putin has a ‘daily humanitarian pause’ demanded in the besieged Syrian enclave of Eastern Ghouta. He is coming this way with an alternative to the ignored resolution by the UN Security council.

Putin wants the weapons every day for five hours to be deposited in Eastern Ghouta. The decision of the Russian president was communicated by the minister of Defence, Sergey Shoigu. The armistice would be according to the Russian news agency Interfax Tuesday start and take place between 9 am and 2 pm. In addition to a ‘humanitarian pause’ works, as well as Russia to a evacuatieroute for citizens.

The announcement comes after it became known that there is already at least 29 people have died in Eastern Ghouta since the UN Security council on Saturday a resolution for a cease-fire has been approved. That resolution called for a file of thirty days in ‘the whole of Syria’, and ‘without delay’, but certain not when that cease-fire exactly from power would be.

The move by Putin stressed, according to the British newspaper The Guardian the power of Russia in Syria and the failure of the United Nations to put an end to the fighting.


“I am ashamed for the UN Security council,” said Ghanem Tayara, president of the Union or Medical Care and Relief Organisations earlier today. ‘The most powerful countries in the world can’t the most basic standards of human rights and decency to enforce. That these resolutions not to be taken seriously, do doubts arise as to why these systems even exist. To be honest, the system is detached from reality. While they firmly argue, children are blown up.’

In the besieged enclave lives up to 400,000 people in dire circumstances. ‘Eastern Ghouta can’t wait, it is high time that this hell on earth to stop, ” says Guterres.

Two previous UN resolutions to ‘unhindered’ humanitarian aid to be delivered, were largely ignored by the regime.

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