Oscarstrijd between Del Toro and 3 Billboards

The Shape of Water, which is also located in the Netherlands has emerged to hit, can Sunday, to write history. With thirteen nominations zóu the multi-award-winning film from director Guillermo del Toro about the love between a sea serpent and a deaf-mute cleaning lady a record eleven Oscars can match – or even surpass them.

Director Guillermo del Toro.

However, it remains to be seen whether the film actually with so many figurines to go home, because the competition is strong. Especially the gritty crime drama, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is a formidable opponent that there is certainly going to succeed a number of her seven nominations redeemable. Del Toro, on the basis of all other prices the past few months were presented, however, assured of the statue for best director. But certainly the category best film is this year to predict because both titles in the analyses and polls almost equal opportunities to be considered. Moreover, both films with strong women in the lead roles seamlessly with the #MeToo and #TimesUp-discussions that, like all great awardshows the past few months, quite a stamp on the ceremony will go to press.

The statuette for best actress is almost certainly for Frances McDormand, who in Three Billboards, a mother plays that unconventional way, the local sheriff to move around yet the murder of her daughter to solve. The category of best actor is a walking course for Gary Oldman, who already has a mantelpiece full of awards he received for his rendition of the British prime minister Winston Churchill in the political war drama Darkest Hour. In the supporting roles are Allison Janney, as the chilly mother of Tonya Harding in the sportdrama I Tonya, and Sam Rockwell, as racist and homophobic agent in Three Billboards, by far favorite.

The netherlands

The netherlands makes this year a chance on two Oscars. In the category of best foreign film was the Dutch submission Layla M. not by the pre-selection. But the national honor is saved by two unicums in the history. With Hoyte van Hoytema, who oorlogsepos Dunkirk turned, for the first time a Dutchman has been nominated for the Oscar for best camerawork. And with Arjen Spouts, which for the film Wonder the make-up of a mutilated boy cared, for the first time, a Dutchman in the race for the statuette for best make-up.

The chance that they are going to win seems to be incidentally small. In the category of photography is Roger Deakins ‘ favorite, who, after thirteen onverzilverde nominations finally the price seems to get going for Blade Runner 2049. And in the category of makeup is the transformation of Gary Oldman to Winston Churchill’s favorite. A benefit for Spouts may Wonder it did well in the US and producer Lionsgate lot for the film has been lobbying over the past weeks.

The ceremony of the Oscars in the night of Sunday 4 Monday 5 march. In the Netherlands the ceremony live broadcasted by Net5.

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