Olivier Goris is A Canvas lead

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26/02/2018 17:33-

The VRT is updating the guidance of One and Canvas. Olivier Goris is manager of both nets. “The past years have One and Canvas with success their own identity are scrutinised and they were more supplementary to each other. The cooperation between the two nets is the recent months become more intense. With the team of One, and the team of Canvas is Olivier Goris continue on this path”, the VRT know.

“One and Canvas retain their own identity”, explains Peter Claes, general director of Media and Production. “One feels and nourishes the heart of Flanders and is more than ever the transmitter that connects people. Canvas takes on its own profound way, a unique place in the Flemish media landscape.”

“This close cooperation between One and the Canvas is a logical step. We believe that both brands are today from a single, overarching look better able to tackle the challenges of the future. Those challenges are diverse: How can we with a more limited budget our mission as a public service broadcaster up to fulfill? How can we all Flemish people continue to reach, even though they use the media sometimes in a different way? How can we impact to retain more and more international competition? By an interaction of talent and knowledge, we ensure also the high quality level that the Flemish are of the two systems is expected.”

“Since november, I am closely involved in the operation of Canvas,” says Olivier Goris. “I met a strong team, together we have thought about the strengths of Canvas and how we can further develop. By working closely together with staff from both One of the Canvas we felt each day the power of that synergy. Canvas has a unique position in the Flemish media landscape. It also remains in the future a very important just. I look forward to this.”

“Olivier Goris has an exceptionally creative insight and like no other creators inspire and guide you. He can continue to build on successes in One and his years of experience as a tv-maker and creative director at Woestijnvis,” adds Peter Claes. “After a few months of cross-pollination, I am satisfied that we are role as network manager of Eén and Canvas can disclose.”

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