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Old-Thorne Winsor Harmon in trouble

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It seems not so good to go with Winsor Harmon. The 54-year-old actor was arrested in Los Angeles when he was drunk, was found in his car.

Harmon fell on when he was in the middle of the park, his need did, to the consternation of passers-by that the police called.

Without pants

According to TMZ met with agents of the former Bold & the beautifulstar without pants on in his car, surrounded by beverage bottles. Harmon would have declared that he the night in his vehicle had spent before the police inrekende and on the receipt hurled both for urinating in public and public drunkenness.

Thorne dilemma

Harmon was in 2017 after 21 years of redundancies in the soap. His role was taken over by the younger, German actor Ingo Rademacher (46). Producers of the series have not publicly responded to Winsors’ dismissal. Or his drinking played a role in the decision is not known.

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