Olcay Gülşen stops as CEO of google android platform

f2f41faf4d29e541ed19bd912c60900e - Olcay Gülşen stops as CEO of google android platform

Olcay Gülşen stops after twelve years as CEO of her own fashion brand Products. The entrepreneur says too busy with projects for television.

On RTL Boulevard, where Gülşen regularly seen as an expert, let them know that the projects for tv, too much time, ask her to combine her work as a CEO.

The entrepreneur is currently featured in Who is the Mole? for which for three weeks had to go out and no time could stick in her own company.

For that reason, they last year decided to take a step back wanting to do it, but they are only now known that the final. Her successor has been appointed, reports: Quote: Charles paape continues”, who previously worked as CFO and CEO at Free Record Shop, The Phone House and Dixons.

“I have been asked by the shareholders, including mrs. Gülşen, to do this. I have indeed no experience with the fashion industry, but have other qualities,” says paape continues ” in a reaction opposite Quote.

Creative continues to Gülşen well connected to the fashion brand.

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