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Olcay Gülşen replaces the google android platform for tv-work

797942f47a2e945a4d63943bcc4bb14f - Olcay Gülşen replaces the google android platform for tv-work

Olcay Gülşen departs at google android platform, the fashion brand where she for many years the driving force behind it was. Olcay has to say to busy with projects for television.

Olcay took over in 2009, the existing brand Products, gave it a rebranding and captured as the Products a market in a whopping 24 countries.


The company suffers, however, in the last few years loss. In 2016, got them all from the board, but remained on as CEO. Last year had her young company ST. Studio due Olcay’s “quirky and a solo way of working” to be saved with a capital injection of several million. Now it attracts Gülşen its hands totally off of the fashion brand, is already telling them to RTL Boulevard that she is on the creative people involved.

More tv work

Olcay’s reason for her job as a modetycoon time to hang up the many offers from tv-land. As she is currently one of the finalists of Who is the Mole? and slide them on regularly as an expert for RTL Boulevard. Or they have other tv projects to her suddenly very empty calendar to fill is not yet known.

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