“No video-arbitrator in Champions League”

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UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has hinted that there will be no videoscheidsrechters be deployed at matches in the Champions League (CL).

Nicolas Laforge is watching movie during the Belgian league game between Antwerp and Kortrijk

“We will be video-assistants in the coming season do not use in the CL. We are not, by definition, against the means, but I see over and over again is still too much confusion”, says the Slovenian during the annual congress of the European football association.

However, keep Ceferin note that the international spelregelcommissie IFAB coming Saturday, the video-arbitrator officially adds to the rules of the game, although football associations and clubs is still plenty of debate raging on the agent.

FIFA-president Infantino differs of opinion with the UEFA and wants of the introduction of video arbitration. In the Netherlands for some years by way of trial uses of the videoscheids at games in the KNVB-cup. Both matches in the semi-finals next Wednesday are also viewed by a videoscheidsrechter.

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