New four-part series on baby-industry

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At the end of march, there is a new series about the vruchtbaarheidsindustrie on NPO 2. People who are unwanted, childless, would in many cases be prepared big money to pay to have their desire fulfilled. In the four-part series in The baby industry, Liesbeth Staats the industry around it under the microscope.

In the Netherlands it is forbidden for a woman to pay for a child for you to wear or an egg to donate. People who are not themselves children, but they do want to, search for, increasingly, their salvation abroad, according to the makers. State visit in the series to four countries where the baby industry is a booming business. She meets surrogate mothers, mediators, and sees babies for days on their new parents are waiting.

The viewer is also the flip side of the pink cloud in the sky. The much desired baby makes parents sincerely grateful, but egg donors and surrogate mothers often worse and less happy. The program of the KRO-NCRV is on Thursday 22 march on NPO 2.

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