Monica Lewinksy feels thanks to #metoo not more only with story

c5204f0f50e6607dcd87bfb2dbce0bb6 - Monica Lewinksy feels thanks to #metoo not more only with story

Thanks to initiatives #MeToo and TimesUp feels Monica Lewinksy 20 years after her affaire with former president Bill Clinton, not only with her story. The former White House intern wrote a piece for the American magazine Vanity Fair, in which she further explores what the whole situation for her meant.

“There is fundamentally something has changed in our society in 1998 and is now changing again in a post-Coby Weinstein-Spacey era,” says Lewinsky in Vanity Fair.

In 1998 she did an internship in the White House and had an affair with her boss, Bill Clinton. Although the contact according to its mutual, there was indeed a case of abuse of power.

“He was 27 years older and the most powerful man on earth. I just came to look, it was my first job after my study. So, yes, to what extent can you speak of mutual pleasure? I had so little life experience compared to him. But as soon as I get the word “abuse” was used, I was the scapegoat,” writes Lewinsky.

After she publicly disclosed her affair and everyone has an opinion about her, it was worse with her. “I was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and I felt very alone.”

“I really owe a lot to the heroines of #MeToo and TimesUp”, continues Lewinsky. “They speak out against powerful men, who for far too long have been able to continue with sexual assault, sexual abuse and abuse of power. The last months I have often been reminded of a Mexican proverb: they tried to bury it, but didn’t know that we the seeds were. I hope that through TimesUp many of the victims get the help they need to get their story.”

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