Mies Bouwman died

a70f3944b92bd1b120b30ee3ad588692 - Mies Bouwman died

A Tv-icon Mies Bouwman died. The Dutch presenter is in the presence of her family at the age of 88 died.

Mies Bouwman was a very popular presenter on the Dutch radio and tv. In the years 60 and 60 presented zi the program “One of the eight”, a program that also in Flanders are very well viewed. In the 70’s, presented by Mies together with Johan Anthierens the program “North-South”, later they would be on the Dutch television also “Telebingo” present. But Mies was more than that. The arrival of Sinterklaas was 25 years her thing but she did the Netherlands also collect money in “Open the Village”.

Bouwman is without a doubt one of holland’s most popular tv characters.

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