Mies (88) slept at home in: funeral Tuesday

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MIES BOUWMAN is this afternoon at home in Elst (Ut.) peacefully asleep, after they this morning only symptoms of flu showed. The Queen of the Dutch television, famous for programmes like ‘Open The Village’, ‘Mies and scene’ and ‘the 8’, felt for some time is not optimal. During the turn of the year fourth they are still big her 88th birthday, but the beginning of January, she had to default in the gala of Rob de Nijs in the concert hall where she is the guest of honor would be.

Since then, they are also no longer seen.

In the course of today, she was with her son, JOOST TIMP to a hospital, but when there is x-ray’s would be made; they gave to prefer to go home to want. Once there she went in and lay down and slept on the bed quickly. Probably has had her heart fail.

Sources around the family say the funeral is scheduled for Tuesday 6 march.

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