Michelle Obama brings her memoirs from

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In november the book Becoming, in which Michelle Obama the story of her life tells. The former First Lady of the United States tweeted that the writing of the book, ’a deep, personal experience’ was.

“It gave me for the first time, the opportunity to honestly look at the unexpected course of my life. I write where I come from, and how a small girl from the south side of Chicago had a voice and the strength found and developed so as to encourage people to upload. I hope that my story inspires others to be who they want to be. I can’t wait to share it,” was the tweet from Michelle.

The former First Lady to paste a large tour to stuck in America and abroad. A million copies of Becoming are donated to educational non-profit organization First Book. It will be published in 24 languages and there will also be an audio version, read by Michelle herself. Her husband Barack is also busy writing his memoirs, but these have no release date yet. The Obama’s signed a very lucrative deal with publisher Crown, and get reportedly as much as 50 million euros for their books together. Will be a large part to The Obama Foundation.

Good friend of the Obama’s, Ellen DeGeneres joked on Twitter: “I’m curious how many chapters about me.” It responded Michelle with a couple of smiling emoji’s.

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