Metallica on tour through North America

1fa2fe01435f9a931a4802f6024bd4a5 - Metallica on tour through North America

Metallica goes from september through North America touring. The series belongs to the Worldwired-tour in which the band is currently in Europe draws.

For the tour are also a number of special maps available: it comes to so-called Wherever I May Roam Black Ticket. These tickets are valid for a concert of your choice. People with such a card only have 48 hours in advance to indicate that they are at a concert want to be.

The first concert of the North American series is on september 2 in Madison. The last concert on 13 march 2019, is in Grand Rapids.

A lot of fans in some of the smaller places will be glad that Metallica for this tour a number of cities have chosen the band for years not more. So does the band after almost thirty years of Grand Forks once again. Birmingham and El Paso can Metallica after almost twenty years greet.

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