Laverne Cox comes with video and dancetrack

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Actress Laverne Cox has released a single, with a video where she has her music and dance talent shows. The star of Orange Is The New Black last weekend, a Grace Jones-like dancetrack on the internet dropped. The single is called Beat for the Gods. In the clip, she is alternately seen as a futuristic boxer and as an opera singer.

Laverne Cox has previously said that they have no album wants to release, but she wants the single ’party for the LGBTQ-culture’. She tells them that the single is born during a conversation with her make-upartiest Deja. After that her make-up was done, she looked in the mirror and said: “I was beat for the gods.” Her comment was as a joke, but Deja said it was a good song title.

The single went on the website Out in the premiere, because Cox has made for the LGBTQ community: “It is about make-up, but it’s also about for yourself in life, whether you’re wearing makeup or not.”

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