Kim Cattrall says goodbye to brother

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Kim Cattrall has last weekend in Scotland to say goodbye to her brother Chris, who recently after a disappearance was found dead near his home in Canada. In Edinburgh, a memorial service for him was held, on which the Sex and the City-star on Instagram writes.

Kim Cattrall

“Thank you, reverend Peter Sutton, and thank you to all of our Scottish friends who are with us today to laugh. We have a candle burned for our brother, son, father, and husband Christopher Adrian Alexander Cattrall. Forever in our hearts.”

The beginning of February, placed Kim a call on social media, after Chris disappeared. Not long afterwards her brother died, what for deep mourning made. The actress got a lot of support from fans and colleagues, including Sarah Jessica Parker, with whom she for months, publicly going to fight. The message of her Sex and the City-fellow was not in good earth with ’Samantha’. She pulled ruthlessly to her ex-colleague: “Leave me and my family with peace. You’re my friend.”

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