Karen Damen gives gsm number price

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A lot of artists will be careful with their personal data, and that is when Karen Damen no different. And yet, you could have her Monday on her cell phone to call.“Am actually quite curious as to what you from my album. You know what, give me a call otherwise agree: 0472/63.51.70!”, scrhreef Karen Damen Monday on Facebook. A joke? Someone Had her account can hack it? No, people who have the number called, were effectively the only real Karen Damen on the line. How foolish is this? Karen wanted for her program, Karen makes a plate to know what the people of her new album “A different track” and so were the fans call. Of course, it was as good as everyone surprised that Karen herself picked up the phone and, of course, everyone found the album to be great, otherwise you would the page of Karen not to follow and you would definitely not call.
Karen took the initiative pretty fun but, of course, is 0472/63.51.70 not her own number. The creators of Karen makes the plate have a temporary number to Karen was given so that in the coming months, not mad will be of the many phone calls.

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